Author: Andrew Moodie


Coupling a generative adversarial network with image quilting to produce basin-scale realizations of fluvial stratigraphy. This was a project that began out of an interest to educate myself on machine learning topics, in association with a class I organized. The project goal was to explore subsurface uncertainty quantification through the use of GANs, and it […]

Density stratification in the Yellow River, China

I recently submitted another dissertation chapter for publication, this one titled “Suspended-sediment induced stratification inferred from concentration and velocity profile measurements in the lower Yellow River, China”. The study examines the vertical structure of velocity and concentration profiles in the Yellow River. In particular, we examine how the addition of sediment modulates the turbulent kinetic […]

AGU posters 2018: SedEdu and Density Stratification

I’m presenting two posters at AGU this year! I’m really excited to be sharing a project I’ve been working on which integrates research and teaching. I am giving a poster Friday morning titled: “SedEdu: developing and testing a suite of computer-based interactive educational activities for introductory sedimentology and stratigraphy courses”. The poster will explain my […]

Markov Chain stratigraphic model

I recently returned from the NCED2 Summer Institute for Earth Surface Dynamics at Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory at University of Minnesota, which is a 10-day long, intense workshop for early-career scientists to talk about novel methods and ideas in our field. This was the ninth, and hopefully not last, year of the meeting. Typically the […]

Rivers 2 Stratigraphy

Explore the construction of stratigraphy through the interaction of channel geometry, lateral migration rate, subsidence rate, and avulsion frequency — interactively! Imagine there is a river in a subsiding basin. As the river laterally migrates, it leaves behind sandy bar deposits, which are encapsulated in a matrix of floodplain muds. The river deposits are lowered […]