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Adding real data into GMT map, making a hillshade, and positioning

Alright, let’s get down to business plotting some real data on a map. Grab the zip file here, and uncompress it in the folder you want to build a map in. The zip contains the data to map, as well as  on of my favorite color palettes from cptcity by M. Burak Yilkilmaz (file named mby.cpt). Here’s […]

Writing scripts to build maps with the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT 5.1.x)

In the last tutorial, we made a simple map, which is what we’ll call “one layer”. What I mean by that is that the entire map was created with one command, and it is just an outline of the eastern United States. In reality, we will want to develop complex maps, with many layers that […]

A brief introduction to the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT 5.1.x)

GMT operates on a UNIX style command line interface. If you don’t know what that means, that’s fine, I’m going to break it down for you here. Basically, it means that GMT operates by you typing a string of characters that tell the system what program to run and how exactly to run that program. […]

Installing the Generic Mapping Tools 5 (GMT 5.1.x) on Ubuntu Linux

The Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) are a suite of tools for making maps. The graphics generated with default settings in GMT exceed in many ways those which would come out of most users’ ArcGIS work. Admittedly, GMT does come with a steep learning curve, not excluding the installation process. For earlier versions of GMT (4.x.x) […]