Hello! I’m Andrew Moodie, a PhD candidate at Rice University in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, working in Dr. Jeff Nittrouer’s sedimentology lab and research group.

For my dissertation work, I study the most important mechanism that reshapes the landscape: fluvial systems. I am a geomorphologist interested in a variety of processes and systems, but I have specific interests in process sedimentology, autogenic river processes across time and space scales, and dynamic topography influence on landscape evolution. Aside from my studies, I’m interested in all sorts of technology and computer science, cooking, relaxing with a good beer, and most anything else!

I run a blog where I publish personal projects, ongoing academic work, some tutorials for software I like, or anything else that I think is interesting. This site is generally meant to be a way for me to share things I think are cool with others.


Doing field work on the Yellow River, China

If anyone has 100 random numbers [-1, 1] and wants a custom circle, square, star, or triangle, just hit me up. Toy projects are always the best way to learn new technologies: generative adversarial networks. #GANZoo #overengineered

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