One year of graduate school travel

The 24th of August 2015 marks my one year anniversary of beginning graduate school. It has been an awesome year, filled with new science, great friends, and a lot of travel. I kept a record of where I slept every night for the past year to see just how far I made it. I visited three continents (plus Central America), six states, and 32 different cities. I spent just over 30% of the year away from Houston (112 nights). I got to see some really amazing places on the planet. It puts into perspective for me how just how great of a gig being a grad student is—get paid to do cool science.

Below, I made some maps to show where I went. The color of a dot represents when I traveled there during the year (Aug 24 2014 to Aug 24 2015) according to traditional rainbow color order. The maps were made in GMT using this script.


Blow ups:
global map
US map
Gulf Coast map

Cheers to what next year brings!